are you done with this fan fic ??? I hope not because its one of my faves and I really hope U didnt leave us for Loveeeeeee Song ff :( PLS COME BACK !!! — Anonymous

:( it will come back when I’m in the right mind

:(((( i'm trying really hard to send this - lovechriannaalways — Anonymous


Because after I was done sending you feedback for both your ff's i never saw it posted so i thought you were mad at me :((( Did you get the feedback i sent last night? - lovechriannaalways — Anonymous

No :/ why do I not get that?… oh no sis I was never mad at you I just never got that feedback

I didn't know, i thought you were mad @ me or something so i gave you some space :(((( - lovechriannaalways — Anonymous

I was never mad at you :/ what made you think that?

It's hard to re-send raps, i write them from the top of my head but i'll re-read and make new ones :) Tumble be on that bullshit ~in my Chris voice~ - lovechriannaalways — Anonymous

You ain’t sent me messages in time tho :(

Do you get my feedback? :(((( I always leave my raps and i don't see it posted on here except from 2 months ago :/ - lovechriannaalways — Anonymous

-_- no!!!! :( send them again 

Sorry for not giving feedback earlier. Drake's a bitch for running away! Robyn needs to stop blaming herself; that fight was not her fault. I fic keeps getting more and more interesting, so I can't wait to see what happens next. Until you next update.... — thebister

:/ I will update .. sorry 

I miss this story!!! It started off as one of my top 3. Wht happened. Let's get it together — rihannanavi585

My bad 

2 weeks .. really ... you are something else — werestuckonstupid

I know but like I have my own shit to do and other things going on 

Forgot to tell you, i loved the update! Im glad chris not being completely stubborn with her and hes showing he does care — wecanfloatintheclouds

Thank you