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Drake is disgusting — Anonymous

In real life and fanfics lol

This story is about to have alot of drama and be sad Robyn can not be with the person she really loves and she is being blackmailed by a man she can not stand poor Robyn I am so sorry this is happening to you I hope u are happy when it all said and done — Anonymous

Nobody is happy for them though.. They don’t even want them near each other. You’re correct there will be a lot of drama

Bitch ass nigga 😪😪 how thirsty can he be — wecanfloatintheclouds

That’s drake for you

I'm so happy that you're back OMG !!!! — Anonymous

Same :)

I am mad that nobody wants them together and it is sad that drake is blackmailing her I no she is feeling bad about what happened to chris but she needs to stand up to drake he is going to lose in the end because what kind of relationship will they have if she can not stand him I hope it gets better for her and I hope she can be with the person she really loves — Anonymous

Nobody want them two to be together and well with everything against them will they even make it….

This is like the onewishff where drake blackmailed rihanna with a sex tape I say put it out she can be bigger than Kim kardashian she needs to tell chris about it but I feel bad for her but I would not get back with him she may lose chris but atleast she will be of drake — Anonymous

Really!? I haven’t read that but she doesn’t want to known has that

Omg I want to kill that bitch nigga .. Wtf!!! — Anonymous


Chapter 16 Part 2 

“Chris” Robyn startled me as I tried to sit up on the hospital bed. A dull pain to my right side of my head made me reconsider that decision and groaned softly as I let myself fall back. “Robyn” I said through gritted teeth, the pain in my head made it hard to even talk. I managed to smile at her walking into the room. “Yeah, that would be me. The hoe that caused all of this, that caused you to be in this hospital and your bodyguard with an open head wound. That would be me” She paused, partially because of the concerned look my face was giving, partially because she was dragging herself down “You know I’m sorry for coming into your life, I wish you never saw me that day. I think….”

“Robyn” I interrupted her, smiling sadly, “stop putting yourself down, it’s all good” even saying it is all good the look on her face was full of hurt, I know she never wanted this to happen neither did I but that bitch nigga is petty “He’s awake” My mother’ voice asked from behind her. Robyn turned her head seeing my mother standing next to the door, looking nearly as concerned as me “Yes, I’m awake” I paused thinking my mother has heard something “what did you hear?” my mother shook her head “was I supposed to not hear something?” I waved her off shaking my head, I didn’t want to talk about it anymore but my mother rushed over to me kind of pushing Robyn out the way which I saw and ain’t like it “you okay?” she asked placing both of her hands on my face which caused me to laugh nodding “yeah I’m fine just wanting to get out of here but they got me hooked up on the IV and my head kind of hurts” my mother kissed the top of my head and then breathing out a sigh of relief, maybe just happy I’m okay.

Luckily my mother left the room to see pat and that left just me and Robyn alone again, she never really moved from her position either but there was this awkwardness between us. I cleared my throat causing her to lift her head to look at me “you finna come here or stand all the way there” she flashed me this fake smile and shuffled over to me. I softly squeezed her hand, “It’s okay” I could tell something was not okay with her all I could see is the sadness and guilt in her eyes.

“Chris I…” Robyn started, but the entrance of a stern looking woman in a white coat interrupted her, seems like god don’t want me hear this because everybody be interrupting us. “Mr Brown” the woman said, observing a piece of paper “How are you feeling?” I shrugged and immediately moaned “Guess I’m feeling pain, I have a headache but maybe that is because women are just a headache” It was intended to be a little bit funny, but the woman frowned and scribbled something on a chart. “We’ll get you some more painkillers for that. Other than that you should be fine, your lip will heal and so will your chin. You can go home in the morning” she shot a strange look at me and then fenty “the officers want to speak with you now” I nodded agreeing to seeing the officers because I know I did nothing but leave the club, I was the one being attacked actually.

The two officers that walked in had this stank attitude on them both, they both ain’t like me and I just knew it. They will do anything just to get me in jail and I have a feeling they would pin this on me “Chris” the taller officer said staring at Robyn “you want your girlfriend to be here?” the way he said girlfriend he had this smirk on his face like I seen your girl’ body, that really irritated me “she can stay but can you hurry up” I gave him a look, he raised both of his eyebrows and wrote something in his little notebook “so what happened?” he spoke still writing and then looking at me because I wasn’t answering him because mentally I was thinking ways of killing Drake for this “uhm..” I trailed off “I was in the club having fun he came and…” the officer put his hand up “he is ..?” he questioned when he know damn well who he is “Drake and his cousin Brien” he nodded as the other officer just stared at me “I was leaving then he attacked me with a bottle and punched me” I honestly hate the police, they do nothing for me but try and put me in jail. They already judging I could tell with the way they both stared at me “why would Brien attack you?” I shrugged like I ain’t know why but knowing damn well what I did.

The officers soon left but warning they would be back to question me even more but fuck that I ain’t do anything, Fenty was in the chair beside me falling asleep. As the painkillers started to kick in I started to feel drowsy. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to stay awake long enough to have a conversation with Fenty, so instead I just moved to the right side of my bed, grunting in the process.

Eyes filled with concern Fenty opened her eyes, “Chris, What are you doing?” the tone of her voice made it clear she wouldn’t agree with sleeping in this bed with me but answered me nevertheless. “I’m making room for you. You’re not going to sleep on a chair” She shot a quick glance at me. “Especially not on a chair you’re going to fall off as soon as you fall asleep and wake up with neck pains” Robyn’ lips formed a tight line “but you’re hurt and I can’t fit” she said in such a serious tone but I laughed out loud causing my lip to hurt “ah” scrunching my face in pain “you acting like you’re huge” once I finally made space for her I gestured for her to come “I want to share my bed with you. No other activities just sleep” I cheesed, Robyn’ sad smile and furrowed brows as she stared at me “you sad because I said no other activities besides sleep or…..” she shook her head “I’m shocked you ain’t want that” I’m also shocked at myself but I’m being a good boy I thought to myself just giving her a side eye.

I took of my shoes and stepped in the bed next to him. With his broad shoulders the bed was filled immediately, but he made sure I was comfortable by laying my head on his shoulder. “I know you feel bad” he whispered in my ear, “and I don’t want you too” I let out a moan not saying a word, I actually think I should just stay away from Chris like his mom wants, but how do I break that to him when I’m being treated like a princess by him “You’re not going to sleep, are you?” I asked but he just stroked my hair, making me even drowsier. Just before I fell in what was to be a dreamless sleep, I managed to murmur “thank you,” to Chris’ chest.

I woke up in a state of shock lifting my head looking around the hospital room and then at Chris, he was asleep still so I laid back down but not on his chest just at the side of him. I watched him sleep, a lonesome tear leaked out of my right eye and dripped onto the pillow. Taking in a deep breath remembering the time that he had saw me, and the first day we slept in a bed together in Barbados. Even remembering the day when he had saved me when stupid me was waiting for my father that had left me there. Chris has literally saved me from everything; he is my saviour I mean he must be, wiping the tears that fell.

I slipped out of the bed without waking Chris up I had to get back to my place, I feel bad leaving Chris here but he has is mom and I’m just in the way so it is better if I just went or even just disappeared. Walking out the room Mel was still sat in the same place I left her, I told her I would be quick but no I ended up sleeping “bitch you took forever” she got up looking unimpressed that I took forever “Chris wanted me to sleep in the bed with him so I did” her mouth half fell open “you fell the fuck asleep?” I nodded feeling a little bad “c’mon let’s go” she walked off in a huff, she was real mad I know it. My phone started vibrating in my pocket, I pulled out my phone seeing Aubrey’ name on my screen. I was not happy at all to see that.

Aubrey: C me at my house!

I frowned at that text, who is he to be demanding things from me.

Rihanna: Nigga plz! Stay away from me.

I shook my head replying back walking behind Mel, he has a nerve to be even texting me and demand me to go to his house. He has issues and is crazy as hell, I want to actually punch him for what him and his cousin has done to Chris. Mel slowed down walking at the side of me, putting her arm around me for whatever reason but I didn’t say anything because I am fuming. “Be ready” Mel mumbled, we approached the door and the flood of flashing lights with people screaming things at me, I just froze. I never realised the impact the whole situation had on the outside and what the people would be saying about it, everyone gossiping on what I have done to Chris Brown. Mel pulled me along as I stared at them all “Rihanna was the bottle meant for you?” some paparazzi said with his camera in my face, I was taken aback by him even asking me that “come on” Mel snapping me out of it. The driver had the door open so I rushed inside the car shuffling over so Mel could sit next to me, the situation has gone too far. I have drake texting me and now everyone knows this whole mess is my fault.

Aubrey: If you know what is good for you then you will see me now, I told you I will get my way with you so get here now.

He attached a video to the message and I didn’t even have to open the video because I knew what it was “bastard” dropping my phone on the floor of the car with my face in my hands. I will never be free from him “Rihanna” Mel was shuffling around sliding across to me “what is it?” she sounded so concerned but how can I tell her that he is threatening me with the sex tape we did, I was not in the right mind when we did that and I could feel myself wanting to be sick. I eventually looked at Mel and she was confused “sooo…?” she dragged out “what is it now?” I just stared at her, how am I supposed to tell her this, I shook my head in disgust “he’s..” I gulped not wanting to say them words again “he wants to see me and if I don’t he’s threatening me with the sex tape” I said it so fast that I couldn’t even contemplate what I was saying but Mel wasn’t saying anything.

I opened my eyes with Mel’ mouth half open “you had sex with that?” was the only thing she said making me laugh “I hate you” placing my hand over my mouth trying to contain my laughter “but yes” she pulled a face shaking her head in disgust “wow Rih, and why do you care?” pressing my lips into a thin line looking at her like she was stupid “I don’t want to be known as that!” half screaming at her “I don’t want to hurt Chris, he will be hurt. I can’t do this” the car fell silent as I was thinking on what to do.

I ended up at Drake’ house but Mel was determined to come with me so I let her but she had to stay in the car, I didn’t want her to be dragged into this I can handle myself. Drake opened his door waiting for me to get out the car “I hate him” I mumbled before opening the car door. He stood waiting for to get closer, his face so smug.  I walked over to him but he got his arms open wanting a hug “touch me and I will kill you” I said before walking passed him “ain’t have to be like this with me riri” he shut the door behind me, I crossed my arms waiting for him to speak “I’m here now what?” I was being so defensive but he the only one that brings that out of me “you want to speak here in front of your mom or upstairs?” my eyebrows knitted together my mother? “Mrs Fenty” he walked passed me causing me to turn around “mom” I blurted out in shock “no… what kind of set up is this?” Drake had my mom right where he wanted her “I called her over, she uhm got worried when she found out about the whole bottle throwing Chris was doing” I am too stunned at this “baby what I tell, he is bad for you. You could have been hurt because of him” she said, blinking a few times at her “mom…” I couldn’t even bring myself to say anything to her “Mrs Fenty, me and riri have to talk” he motioned her out, now I want to kill him.

He came over to me half laughing like anything was funny “fuck you” my hand met his face, he was not expecting this “you think you can fucking run my life you fuck” I’m so mad that I could just literally kill him “I deserved that” holding his cheek looking all annoyed “now you can either come back to me and all this will blow over or go to him where you will have shit for the rest of your life. Ri you told me things you wanted, you said you wanted to be secure in life when that nigga will be walking into a jail. I am the right one for you and you know this. You could be with me and be safe and also save your guy friend from hurt once he sees the sex tape” I was gagging at the thought of him even being near me again “you threatening me to be with you? Is that how desperate you are now? You’re pathetic” he laughed again “no, I’m saving you. You think he will want you after that? Come one Ri he will leave you. Think about it, remember your mother will find out too” he started walking over to the door opening it, I ran out so fast wishing I was just dead instead.

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